Collection: Shower Steamers & Bath Bombs

Try our popular shower steamers or our relaxing bath bombs!

Shower steamers, are also known as shower fizzers.  These steamers are full of essential oils that will release into the shower creating a soothing aromatherapy experience for the shower.  The best way to use our shower steamers are to place one at the bottom of your shower, where the water can trickle (not douse) the steamer.  The steamer will fizz and release the essential oils into the shower.  We have three types of shower steamers, Relief (allergy sufferers),  Awake (morning showers) and Relax (evening showers).  Each steamer is hand-crafted and packaged in eco-friendly packaging material.  The shower steamer typically last between 10-15 minutes before it dissolves.  

Our Bath Bombs are created seasonally and provide a relaxing and skin nourishing experience for your tub.  Our Bath bombs have skin loving ingredients such as shea butter and hemp seed oil in them along with oatmeal and coconut milk to provide an elevated bath experience.  We use little to no mica powder in our bath bombs so there is no mess to clean up afterwards.  Enjoy!