Why Go Natural?

Why Go Natural?

For the majority of my life I didn't look at the product labels. I just picked up whatever was convenient, smelled good, or was in the price range I wanted. I didn't pay attention. As I've gotten a little bit older I started to pay attention. I started to look at the labels and found that I didn't recognize many, if not all, of the ingredients listed on the products. Upon further research I found that the majority of the ingredients on these labels were chemicals!

I had used the same name-brand product for most of my adult life and turns out it wasn't even soap! They call it a beauty bar because there is no soap in it!

This was my turning point. Why was I lathering chemicals all over my skin? Our skin is like a sponge, it just absorbs anything on it and I was unknowingly putting chemicals all into my body. I decided to change this.

I began researching how to make my own cold process soap, what ingredients I could use, what were the best, most nourishing oils and butters, etc. Then I started to create. I started with a very basic recipe and grew from there. I am proud to say that we carry several soaps that are 100% natural. No chemicals. The creaminess of the lather, the way your skin feels after, there is a big difference and one I should have done sooner. Live and learn, right?


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