Free Spirit

Free Spirit

What is a Free Spirit; by definition, a free spirit is a person who wants to be free of all external and internal tyrannical forces; a free spirit can be seen as a rebel... To me, a free spirit is someone who can live, unbridled, living life to the fullest extent, free.

In my life I've known a few of these "free spirits". One was my dad, Raymond and the other was my sister, Jennifer. Both lived their lives how they wanted, both were passionate, both lived to their fullest... wide open... unbridled.... and free. Both were also lost too soon.

My sister Jennifer, unexpectedly passed away on December 23, 2022. In her memory, I wanted to create a soap. I wanted to use her favorite colors, her favorite scent and her favorite thing on this earth (besides her daughters). With some design help from my nieces, Free Spirit Soap was created. The scent is very similar to "Moonlight Path", a mixture of floral, musk and sweetness with notes of jasmine, rose and violets. The soap itself has beautiful teal, purple and charcoal swirls with a running horse stamped on the front encircled in gold mica glitter dust.

For those that knew Jennifer, horses were her passion. She would spend every weekend with her horses, either on a trail ride or at her farm. Horses are truly one of the most amazing creatures on this earth, gentle, noble, spirited and loving. A lot of the same qualities I would say my sister had as well.

Free Spirit Soap is available on our website for purchase.

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